We need to have some support of others who share our interest in sewing and particularly machine embroidery,  since our hobby usually consists of us working alone.  That was the original reason for starting our Facebook group several years ago. Social media is an excellent way to keep in contact with others while we plug along with all those designs we just can’t seem to ever get finished. Anyone relate?! ( I do want to point out that the interaction with members can be general in nature pertaining to machine embroidery, but when discussing a design it does need to be one of ours.)  While we’re on that subject I want to help reduce confusion about our name. Embroidery by EdytheAnne IS In The Hoop Embroidery Designs.com. The first is our name & the 2nd is our website address. I know there has been confusion about this & hope this clears that up.

Our main group In The Hoop Machine Embroidery  is a private FB group that requires you to ask to join. Once approved you can post and read posts from others.  This is an ongoing group. You only need to ask to join once.

Our HoopAlong groups are of a more temporary nature. We start a new one each month and name it for the project we’re working on that month. The projects are always In The Hoop Projects & are structured to not only be able to interact with others, but to also add to your skills in the machine embroidery world. They typically start around the 2nd week of the month and run 2 -3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project we’re working on. A discount code is given to you once you join that allows you to purchase the project at 30-35% discount if you plan to participate. You are encouraged to post your work in progress and then your final completed project in a creative display. There are 3-4 selected as runners up. These are put on a ballot for you to anonymously vote for your favorite. The winner gets to pick out any design from our website at no charge! It is so fun to see the differences our talented group members come up with. You will get new ideas for your projects, just as I do!

You need to be a member of our main Facebook group first in order to join our HoopAlongs. These announcements are made through our main FB group, email announcements and a banner that runs on the home page of our website.

Below is the cover photo of our main FB group.


Below is an example of our HoopAlong cover photo. This changes each month with a new group & new project.

I look forward to seeing you join our groups!

Please leave feedback so we can know if this has helped!

Embroidery by EdytheAnne

Copyright     2018    https://inthehoopembroiderydesigns.com   Embroidery by EdytheAnne

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