COLOR ANALYSIS DOCS All of our designs include a Color Analysis Doc. This is in PDF format. PDF is a standard readable document used across most browsers and operating systems. Your computer should come with a copy already installed. If not, click the link to download free from Adobe website.

After opening a color analysis doc, you will see numbered sequences. These are the steps your machine will take to create that beautiful embroidery you bought the design for. You do not have to use the colors shown on the sheet. Each color change will cause your machine to stop. This allows you to change the thread color if so desired. Sometimes you will not have to change it, but we have added the color stop just in case you want to.  In creating In The Hoop designs, it’s necessary to have the machine stop more often than if it’s just a basic design. There will be placement lines, tack down lines and, of course, the embroidery itself. Placement and tack down lines will show color changes, but it typically isn’t necessary to actually change the thread color. The change of color is just making the machine stop due to batting needing to be place or fabric needing to be placed. Sometimes it’s so that the machine will stop allowing you to trim excess fabric from around an appliqué that was just stitched down.

Below is an example of the color changes in one of our mug mats. Sequence 1 is showing the placement line for all 6 crayon appliqués. Each of the color sequences 2-7 make the machine stop in order to lay the felt on top of the placement line. In this instance the color changes are the primary crayon colors, but if you wanted to use another color instead of one of these colors you would be able to do that. You just substitute that color in your machine. Sequences 8-10 are not only making the machine stop, they are also showing you the direction the machine is going to stitch.

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Embroidery by EdytheAnne

Copyright     2018   Embroidery by EdytheAnne

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  • Holly - September 07, 2018

    I make sure and download the color analysis charts. This really helps me know what is being stitched and when. It really is a life saver.

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