We get many questions about products, so we have listed for you the following items that we use and where we purchase them. If you click on the item you will be directed to where you can purchase. Some of these can be purchased at your local sewing centers, but for those who prefer to order online this may be more useful to you. Typically, the prices are much lower than can be found locally, but you will have to make that assessment...more to come...If you have an Embroidery Resource you have a question about...send a message using our Contact Page located on our Home Screen

STEAM A SEAM -This is my favorite Go To Closure for our Mug Mats. Easy to Use!

DOUBLE CURVE SCISSORS - Essential scissors  (IMO) for trimming machine embroidery applique.

DOUBLE CURVE SCISSORS - Havels Double Curved Embroidery Scissors with Extra Fine Tips, 3 1/2 inches

ZIPPERS - Wawak Sewing Supplies has a great price on zippers for our ITH bags and purses. These do not have the larger zipper pulls though. We use the 9" and 11" size. The come in lots of colors and cost under 50 cents each. This link goes to a combo pack of 25, but if you do a search for #3 zippers 9 or 11" you can pick out your colors.

AMAZON ZIPPERS sells this pack of zippers in assorted colors. Pack of 60 -12" zippers assorted colors.

ZIPPER PULLS - These come in a pack of 35 with an assortment of 7 different colors and attach to the zipper pull. If your zipper has a small opening you will also need a split ring to attach to the zipper and then attach the zipper pull through the ring.


MAGNETIC SNAPS 20 Sets Excellent Price

SWIVEL LOBSTER CLAWS 100-another Excellent Price!

D-RINGS 1/2"   or 1"D-RINGS


THREAD - Isacord & Floriani (Fufu)

STABILIZER PolyMesh Cut Away