MUG MATS/MUG RUGS - FOR EVERY REASON AND EVERY SEASON - Items tagged as "Xxx_vip_vpe_pes"


We have over 250  In The Hoop Mug Mats/Mug Rugs - Mug Mats for Every Reason and Every Season- Unique Gift for the Person Who Has Everything! 

If you are looking for a certain type of mug mat, we do have them organized by type & holiday using the drop down menu on our home page.

They all fit in a greeting card envelope and make a functional alternative to the standard paper greeting card. Your friends and family will use them over and over. Many keep them out in their home or office continually!

We have 3 varieties of Mug Mats/Mug Rugs.

  1. The most common has a back that is added during the last sequence. The Mug Mat is then turned through a small opening and closed using Steam A Seam
  2. We also have some Mug Mats that have finished edges of Satin Stitch and Motif Combination. Some of these have scalloped edges.
  3. Our 3rd variety is a Reverse Applique in which a Faux Border is created through the process. Many of our Mug Mats are offered for the 5x7 as well as the 6x10 hoop sizes.

Reverse Applique & Satin Edge are usually mentioned in the description if that is what they are. If they aren't mentioned,  then you can assume the mat is the first one with the back being added at the last sequence.