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EmbroiderAlong Bunnies!

If you can't go larger than a 5x7 hoop size then you will want the Baby Bunny. If you can go up to a 7x12 hoop then you may want to get both the Mommy and Baby Bunny sizes. Both are discounted at the 40% using the Discount Code on the pinned post at our Facebook Group page.

The tutorial suggests using a Quick Turn Tool to turn the bunnies ears. It's an inexpensive tool and can be purchased at Joann's & probably other sewing centers. Amazon also has it at this link: http://amzn.to/2kUTQBt

We also have a Video Tutorial showing how to use the tool at this link:https://inthehoopembroiderydesigns.com/blogs/video-tutorials/53193988-using-the-quick-turn-tool or you can access it in the menu option Tutorials on the Home Page.